uPVC vs Aluminum Windows.

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When investing in new windows, you’ll often hear terms like uPVC, double glazed, triple glazed, aluminum and let’s be real, it can all be so confusing! It’s rarely ever made clear what the difference between uPVC and aluminum really is so we’ve taken the work out of the research for you and put together this guide to compare the two in order to help you make a decision.

The biggest difference between uPVC vs aluminum windows is the  price. Upvc windows are usually more affordable because they’re a cheaper material, but this also means that if you want to make your home warmer then double or triple glazed uPVC is the way to go! uPVC are also cheaper because they come in panels, which can be assembled using screws and glue rather than requiring professional installation. Aluminum on the other hand has much higher quality and insulation properties so it’s often worth spending a little extra for aluminum.

Aluminum frames also tend not to require painting because they’re very hard to dent and scratch. But uPVC frames will only need a single coat of paint every few years, and it’s usually cheaper if you’re brave enough to DIY it. uPVC frames are also much easier to keep clean as they only require a wipe down with a damp cloth and they can even last up to 20 years before needing to be refitted.

However, aluminum is a much stronger material which means that if aesthetics are your main focus, they’ll probably be more suited to you! Because of how strong aluminum windows are, they can have a sleeker appearance and more glass surface area to frame! Which is great if you’re planning for large bay windows or large glass doors.

One downside to aluminum windows is that they’re usually more expensive than uPVC and frames can’t be custom made. Aluminum frames are also a bit harder to keep clean, which may mean you need to invest in cleaning sprays or other products for the glass surfaces.

For anyone looking for a more eco friendly material, aluminum is definitely the way forward as the material can be infinitely recycles as opposed to the uPVC.

Overall, both materials have the benefits and cons. If you need budget friendly, low maintenance windows, we suggest going with the uPVC. If you have budget to spare and are looking for a way to keep your life as eco friendly as possible, we’d suggest aluminum. Whichever you pick, at least you can now make an informed decision.

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