5 reasons why composite doors may not be as low maintenance as you think

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Composite doors are popular for their relatively low maintenance requirements, extra durability and premium style. However they’re not immune to problems here are five common issues with composite doors and what you can do: 

Warping and Bowing of Frames.

Composite doors are essentially designed to now bow or warp, however user error could mean that this happens. To avoid this, make sure you’re operating your door correctly. To stop this from happening, every time you close the door make sure to do two things. First, use your foot or heel to push up on the lever at the bottom of the handle so that it locks in place. Secondly, as soon as possible after closing it engage both top and bottom latches by lifting their handles quickly towards yourself with one hand while pulling back on them with a second arm held overtop of each latch for extra support. The quick nature should provide enough force which will keep these parts securely attached until they are disengaged again when opening and closing respectively. The first step is always taking care not only to lock but also strengthen all doors by engaging both its lower-level latch (using your foot) followed immediately by locking down

Dropped Hinges

You might have heard that composite doors have self lubricating hinges which should prevent damage/dropping of the hinges. However, you should still spray them lightly with a lithium-based lubricant to keep them in tip top shape.

Worn Weather Seals

You’ll need to check your doors every now and again to make sure that the hinges are not dropping  but also to make sure that the seals around the door are not wearing away from the weather. They may get dislodged from the door as a result of weather conditions, or because you closed it without checking that everything was in its proper place. A good course of action is to slide them back into position before closing the door so long as no damage has been done yet! If there is damage to the seals, you’ll need to get them refitted.

Drainage issues

As well as checking your doors hinges and weather seals, you also need to be making sure that the drainage holes and slots don’t become blocked. You’ll only need to do this once or twice a year, but it will make the door last longer if you do.

Sticky Locks

Sticky locks are not only inconvenient when you have your arms full of shopping and you can feel the ice cream starting to melt, but they can also be a fire hazard! To make sure that your locks are prevented from jamming or sticking, once or twice a year (when you’re checking everything else), make sure to lightly spray the lock with some WD40 which will help keep the mechanisms lubricated.

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